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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lent 2016--Day Thirty-Eight

Order of events after the Lord's Supper

Matthew, Mark, and Luke record the Lord praying "that the cup might pass from me, but nevertheless, not my will but thine be done." John records in chapter 17 the prayer that is known as the High Priestly Prayer before they leave to go to Gethsemane. Judas had left already.

Mount of Olives or Gethsemane 

They were all aware of the place since Jesus had gone there with them before. He told them to stay here while he prayed. Then he took Peter, James , and John a little farther. He expressed to them his abject sorrow because he knew tomorrow he would die.

He went on a stone's throw and knelt and prayed. He never directly asked God to remove this trial; he only sought his will. "I'll do whatever you want," he said. He was sorrowful that they could not support him with their prayers. He knew the trial they would face, and he wanted them to be able to bear with him. 

The blood vessels in his forehead ruptured under the stress of anguish, and blood poured through the pores like sweat. After he prayed the third time, he came back and woke them and said, "Get up. My betrayer is here."

Judas's Kiss

Judas came to him and kissed him. That was the signal the chief priests and elders were waiting for. There was some scuffling. Peter drew a sword and cut off the ear of the high priest's slave. Jesus reproved him and healed the ear.

Jesus asked them what they wanted. 
They said, "Jesus of Nazareth"
"I am he," Jesus said. They fell back from him. "I taught in the Temple every day. Why didn't you say something then?"

Peter's Denial

Then they took him away. The disciples scattered. Peter and John followed to the high priest's house. In the crowd around a fire in the yard, Peter denied Jesus, and the cock crowed. Jesus turned and looked at Peter, and Peter remembered Jesus' words and wept.

Read Mark 14:32-42, Matt. 26:36-46 Luke 22:39-57