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Friday, October 10, 2014


English: Map of Epistle to Colossians Polski: ...
English: Map of Epistle to Colossians Polski: Mapa Listu do Kolosan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Colossians is a small book in the New Testament that started out in life as a letter of Paul to a faithful congregation in the city of Colossae. Paul's letter reveals that Epaphras evangelized the area, but it is assumed that Paul never visited them, but had only heard of their faith  through the reports of Epaphras and, perhaps, others who visited him while he was in prison in Rome. Epaphas was a resident of Colossae. Epaphras may have heard the message of Jesus from Paul or some other witness, but he took it back home and spread the word. This is indeed what we are supposed to do: Hear the message and share it with those we see and meet and live with.

Paul learned of their faith from Epaphras whom Paul calls "a dear fellow servant." Since Paul had not visited or preached in Colossae, I wonder if Epaphras was won to the Lord through his preaching in another city. Colossae is about 11 miles from Laodicea and Paul made repeated visits in the area.

Even though this is a small book it contains some very important truths such as the passage in Chapter I where he defines the supremacy and magnitude of Christ as equal with God the Father. In Chapter II he reminds the Colossians and us of the necessity of fullness in Christ without the limitations of human rules.

In Chapter III he implores us to keep our eyes fixed on our position as "raised in Christ" and alive to him and his claim on us. We no longer dwell in the carnal nature or depend on it for our sustenance.
He calls wives to be submissive, husbands to be kind and generous, children to be obedient, fathers to be gentle, and whatever you work at, do it as unto the Lord.

Chapter IV gives the last reminders about caring for one another and doing the essentials. He sends regards to some he thinks might know him and gives the closing message to pray for him and the spread of the Gospel.   

I urge you to read this book and find the gems that shine for you. Don't just take my word for it. There is much wisdom and joy to be found here.