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Monday, August 30, 2010

Jesus Was Distressed

A lot of people seem to think that Jesus, since he was the Son of God, knew everything and could not have had any problems.  He was above the day-to-day struggles we face, and he knew the outcome.  He had a close, continuous communication with his Father, and he was assured of a place in heaven.

Well, lets take another look at this.  I think he had all the same kinds of problems I do.  The Apostle Paul said that no temptation has come upon you but those that are common to man, and Jesus faced more than that.  If having fears and distress and depression is a temptation, I think Jesus faced it.  What good is the victory that does not overcome everything?

Chapters 13-17 in the Book of John reveal the most human emotions Jesus displays.  John 13:21 says that Jesus "was troubled in his spirit(KJV)."  I try not to over interpret or analyze a verse, but that means more than a passing annoyance to me.  It was not the raise of an eyebrow; it was a deeply invasive concern.  Jesus' countenance revealed his agony.  They all saw it.  Even though the book of John was not written until thirty or forty years later, his distress was prominent enough for John to remember and comment on it.  How does this statement affect you?