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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lent 2016--Day Ten

Beatitudes-sermon-on-mount (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The ministry of Jesus was plagued with erroneous perceptions. Even the Disciples misunderstood his message and actions. It was difficult because it was unexpected. They sought a king who would behave as human nature dictated, and he changed that. He wanted the Disciples and the followers to see the world as God saw it: He wanted us to learn how to love the unforgiven and bring peace to the belligerent. He did not seek recognition and acclaim for himself, but he only wanted honor and glory for God the Father.

His reputation attracted people to him, but he wanted their love and commitment, rather than their money and power. He criticized those who prayed to be seen by others. He said that was all the response they should get. When they learned to pray in private to God alone, their prayer would be heard by God and their needs would be met.

He also  criticized the way they fasted. He said fasting should make you closer to God, not showing how pious you were. The fasting wasn't a way to show how good you are. It should be done in private, and others would not know. It you were praised for it, that would be all the reward you would get.

Read it again. Get your standards straight. Use the right ruler. God wants us to do things his way. He just wants us to act in righteousness and love.