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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Psalms 40 & 41

English: Scroll of the Psalms
English: Scroll of the Psalms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Psalms 40 & 41 are included in the group that are called Messianic Psalms because of their attention to the life and ministry of the Messiah. They are for that reason prophetic. Both are written by David, both record praise for God's deliverance and sustaining grace. In both psalms David switches from first person to third person in the narration and sometimes to second person. Sometimes he addresses God directly. It seems that he is overwhelmed with the magnificence of God's power and presence. 

David may not be aware of the Savior to whom the prophesy points. At the time David confesses his own sin;
I  apply that to the sin Jesus accepted from our repentance. We sinned and he took it to the cross. This is not a concept I found in other literature; it is just the way I take it.

So very much of both psalms is very personal and reveals David's love and trust in God. They also reveal his anguish over the disdain of others and heartbreak from personal attack. 40:5 testifies of David's understanding of the mercy and blessing of God. It is a lesson to us to be aware of God's hand in our lives, too numerous   count. 

In 40:7 David takes up the testimony of Jesus proclaiming in vs. 8: I delight to do you will, my God: Your instruction resides within me.

In 41:12 David says that God "supported me because of my integrity and set me in your presence forever." He ends the chapter with a benediction: May the Lord, the God of Israel be praised from everlasting to everlasting. Amen and amen.

Read these psalms for yourself and don't depend on the view or another, but learn the lessons and the assurance from them in your own experience. 

This week I have also read them and prayed them for family and friends who were dealing with betrayal and difficulty beyond their control. God is our confidant and support in difficult and trying situations.