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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Parable of the Sower

Image of the Sower Parable
Image of the Sower Parable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the midst of the judgments against the evil God sees in the nations, there is a parable of growth and development. Isaiah 28:23 begins a lesson for God's people to learn about planting and cultivation. He prepares the soil to receive the seed. We sometimes complain about the difficulties we face, the problems that upset our plans, but God wants to use them to make us able and ready to receive seed. He envisions a crop. It may take some plowing to break up the hard soil and to remove weeds or rocks that makes the ground unfruitful. Let him plow: He proposes a crop.

There is also the need to understand the harvest. Different crops require different methods. Some seeds are threshed and some are ground. The method of harvest depends on the use of the final product. Some seeds are use for making bread, and some are added for flavor and appearance. The farmer decides which method is best for each product. We are always subject to God choice and intent. He knows what to expect from us, and he is pleased with his final product.

Isaiah 28:23-29
See also Matthew 13:3-9
Mark 4:3-12
Luke8: 5-15