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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Psalms 1

Psalms 1 presents the message of righteous behavior as a lesson in what people are not supposed to do. The first verse lists things to avoid. He begins with walking. Don't walk like the wicked do; don't stand like they stand; don't sit in their circle  to mock and demean others. Those who behave like this are not blessed of God.

The one who is blessed is the one who delights in God's law and finds  beauty and joy in it throughout the day and into the night.
There are other signs that he is blessed. He is like a tree that is planted by a river that does not wither when there is no rain. Everything he does prospers.

The wicked do not enjoy these benefits. No, those who do not observe his laws are like the chaff of the grain  that is blown away by the wind. They make no lasting contribution and have no value.

The ungodly shall not be able to face judgment, nor find support from the righteous. God discerns who obeys his laws and who does not. It is not God's judgment that dooms the wicked, but his own behavior and attitude.

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