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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

John 14--Promise of the Holy Spirit

New Promise

The closing verses of John 13 are filled with prophetic doom: Jesus reveals that he is going to die and Peter is going to deny him, but Peter seems to be oblivious to this truth. He keeps pressing Jesus for more information, but when it comes he refuses to accept it.


Chapter 14 begins with a message of great encouragement: "Don't trouble yourself about it now." He does not shift the focus, but he reassures Peter and the others for the moment that their destination is secure.  He cautions them to remember his words and instructions and to keep them.

 The Disciples have trouble accepting his words and teaching as coming from the Father. Jesus hints that he is going to die, but he avoids proclaiming it in a positive affirmation. He says, "I'm going where you can't follow yet. You will later. I go to prepare a place for you." It seems like Jesus is baiting them with vague references so that they may come to an understanding on their own. 

The Disciples Still Have Questions

Some of his statements are bold and some, cloaked in mystery. Jesus is still trying to provoke them to believe. He says "You don't have to know the way because I am the way. You will follow me." When Philip begs him to show them the Father, Jesus reassures them saying, "If you've seen me, you have seen the Father."  

Jesus continues to comfort and reassure the Disciples, and he promises the Comforter who will be available to them later. He gives them peace to sustain them because the Prince of this world is coming. Jesus is confident that God's purposes will not be thwarted and that the world will know God's salvation.

Now Jesus is ready to leave and go to the Garden of Gethsemane.