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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Second Day

Impact of water in a water-surface
Impact of water in a water-surface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is is strange that God found the water already on the earth?  He didn't say, "Let the water be."  He saw where it was and chose a separation of the water that was on the earth from the water that floated in the clouds.  The Jewish Bible says that God created a "dome" to separate the waters.  The King James Version says he created a "firmament," and the NIV says he created a vault that he called "sky."  

The Biblical record does not go into the combination of hydrogen and oxygen or even emphasize the necessity of water for the survival of life, but it is careful to make the distinction of dry land and sea.  The necessity of water is assumed.  It was important to God's plan than the water be separated and have a location where it formed its own identity in the sea or in the sky.  Again, the Bible does not distinguish rivers, lakes, vapor.  They each have a function and they are different.  God saw the separation of the water from the land as beneficial to his creation and he called it good. This was not completed on the Second Day.  All the creative acts have attendant consequences that continue to the next marker so that the creation is dependent on and results in another phase, another link in the chain of events.

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