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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days Three, Four, and Five

Genesis 1:11 records the appearance of vegetation on the earth with seed bearing plants.  If not earlier, at least by this time the Evolutionists are raging.  Biology does not agree with the Bible record about the steps in creation, but the Bible does not claim to be a scientific book.  God's aim in inspiring the Bible to be written is different from the Evolutionists' theories and proofs.  We should not confuse the two.

From the standpoint of what was necessary for man to understand about creation and life, seed bearing plants and trees were primary. This was the beginning of agriculture.  This was the third day.

On day four, God separated the night from the day and set the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night.  God blessed the sequences of days and instituted seasons and time became a factor in how mankind would experience the world.  Stars were to be a part man's experience and they would help count the seasons.

Day five records creation of the life in the sea and the life that flies in the air.  Biology says that life originated in the sea beginning with one-celled animals including amoeba and algae.  The Bible looks at the larger creatures and those that are recognizable by man first and leaves the smaller forms for the invention of the microscope.

Let me emphasize once more the spiritual nature of the Bible--it does not argue about how God created or what the steps were.  The Bible just says that what we see in the natural world came about by God's choice and design.  It is no offense to God to examine his creation or even to postulate how he did it. I believe we commit a grave error when we do not recognize his action and command of natural events.
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