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Monday, May 30, 2016

Friends of Jesus

There were people who were not considered disciples who believed in Jesus and supported him; he had friends who just loved him. One friend of Jesus was named Lazarus. Lazarus had two sisters. One of his sisters was Martha. She may have been married to Simon. the Leper, who was a Pharisee. He invited Jesus to eat at his home and gave the dinner and invited the disciples and others, so it is apparent that Jesus had healed him from the leprosy.  

Martha seems to have been a hostess of some renown in Bethany.  She invited Jesus and the Disciples to eat at her home. Mary helped her when there guests, but at the dinner Mary did not assist in the service. Instead she sat at Jesus' feet to listen to his teaching. Martha appealed to Jesus to tell her sister to help her. Jesus gently reproved Martha's anxiety about the serving and praised Mary's choice of the better part.

During the event, Mary took a pound of highly expensive perfumed oil and lavished it on Jesus' head and his feet. She was criticized for this exuberant act, but Mary seems to have heard truths in his message the disciples had missed: She knew the end was near, and she would not have another chance to honor him this way.