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Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Should We Honor God?

Nations pay tribute with ceremonies and statues. Sometimes they honor an individual by naming a day for them. The military parades are always rousing and exciting. Sometimes we pay tribute by naming a school or a public building for them. We may honor a hero by naming a child for him or her. 

But how do we honor God? We say we witness and testify and evangelize in the name of our Savior. Sometimes we put on a big event to mark the day, but God wants us to quit bragging about what we are doing and just do it. Why do we have to have a day for that or mark it on the calendar. Why don't we just do it? Why don't we just tell a neighbor or a friend about the grace of God without the publicity. Can it be a natural part of our language? We tell them about the sale at the grocery store and about the storm that destroyed our roof. Can't we just say we have a Lord that loves us and live like he does? Are we afraid to be an individual? It seems like it's O.K. to invite people to go to Church as long as it's the in-thing, but to invite someone we don't know to go to a Church where we don't know all the members may be challenging.

Let's look at honoring God one more time from the perspective of putting him first and let us just be one the bunch. Make your witness an expression of joy and don't be afraid of what "they" will say. I'm trying to practice this more. Join me. It may be trending!