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Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Easter Real or Not?

With Easter just past, I was reminded or a book by Hugh J. Schonfield entitled The Passover Plot in which the author tries to  prove that Jesus was a charlatan who engineered the crucifixion and the events leading to it to make it fit the prophecies.  He even says that the betrayal of Jesus by Judas was a hoax.  The story goes that Jesus told Judas how to accomplish the betrayal to fit the signs in Isaiah and Psalms and the other prophets. Schonfield even says the death was faked with a drug.

Schonfield builds a very tight framework for his proposition of Jesus as a sincere pretender.  The Christian believers have not flocked to Schonfield for prayer or support when they are in need or solace.  Surprisingly, there are still people who believe in the risen Christ.  Actually, I think it would be impossible to fake the crucifixion, especially when you remember that Jesus had very credible proof that he was the Son of God before he got that far.  He was born of a virgin as testified by all the Gospels.  He performed miracles that convinced the disciples he was the Son of God.  Many people believed on him and received miracles at his hand.  

Fulfilling the prophecies from Isaiah 53, Psalms 22,   and multiple other scriptures is proof that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah.  In addition to the prophecies is not the only proof of his claim.  There is also the continuing story of the Church he established to witness to the fact that he was who he claimed to be.  Read the Bible and find the proof for yourself.  Live in faith and you, too, will become evidence that Jesus is the Son of God.
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