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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God is a Farmer

In Isaiah 28:23-29 the writer compares God to a farmer and the people are considered his crop.  He begins with the need to plow the land before putting in new seed.  He must break it up and remove rocks and level it so that the plants will grow and be strong and vibrant.

Sometimes we think of the problems and hindrances we experience in our lives as God's plowing.  Why do we have these difficulties and losses?  Why is God punishing me?  Somebody said it like this:  Let him plow--He purposes a crop.

The scripture examines details of the act of planting.  Where to plant the seeds is a concern.  Some plants need full sun while some may not suffer if there is some shade during the day.  Some will do well in clay soil, but some need sandy loam.  The farmer knows which plants do best in each location. 

God knows what makes us grow best too.  A life of ease will bring a lazy attitude, and the spirit, like the body needs exercise to be strong. 

After the harvest, the farmer knows how to handle the seeds--some are beaten with a rod and some are ground with a wheel.  The cumin and caraway will be used for seasoning.  Retaining the oil within the seed means it will disperse when it is cooked.  The grain like spelt, barley and wheat is ground for bread.  Different strokes for different folks. 

God knows our needs and our potential.  He wants the best product and the best use, and he wants us to be joyful--have fun, for heaven's sake.  The things he doesn't like are those that are dangerous to us.  It's funny we can't see that.  He will bring about correction in our lives.  He will allow us to fail and to suffer disaster.  If we learn the lesson he is teaching, we can return to an obedient and productive life, but we may bear scars of the encounter.  God loves us enough to be stern, but his goal is beneficial for us--he wants us to be happy.