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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Becoming a Nudist--Isaiah Chapter 20

God gave Isaiah messages to share with Judah and surrounding nations.  Isaiah was faithful to share them with the people and the court of the king, but he didn't get much response.  He called Judah and all those other nations to repentance, but they disregarded him. 
Judah was trusting in alliances with countries that could not help them, but they did not heed Isaiah's warning.

Isaiah mourned for Judah.  He wore sackcloth and wept before God.  Finally God said "Take off the sackcloth and sandals."  He did so and he became a nudist.  After three years God spoke again.  "Isaiah has been a sign to you for three years.  The countries that you trusted in to help you, the Egyptians and the Cushites, will be lead away stripped and barefoot like Isaiah.  You trusted in them to save you, and they will be shamed and naked.  They will leave you in fear."

Isaiah was a sad example of the failure of Egypt and Cush to lend strength to Judah.  When they fell, Judah discovered she had no place of strength left because she had trusted in other nations instead of God.

Friends that help you commit more sin or go deeper in debt or seek a higher lever of corruption will not help you.  They will fall, and you will have no other resource.

Heed Isaiah's warning:  Trust in God, not alliances that cannot stand in righteousness.