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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go Marry a Prostitute

Would you believe that God told a prophet to go and marry a prostitute?  What a thing to say!!!  And God said it, yet! 

It seems like God would want to avoid that kind of association.  Are you sure that's what it said?  I have heard a very good teacher say that wasn't really what it said.  But I have to disagree with her.  In my Bible God told Hosea to go marry a prostitute.

Surely he reformed her first.  No, that's not what it said.  There is a problem here the Bible doesn't address:  Her name was Gomer.  I get visions of Jim Nabors in drag.  In a more rational frame of mind, I think she was young and beautiful and foolish.  She represented the Nation of Israel.  God wanted to show this prophet Hosea a truth that he could grasp through his relationship with a beautiful, voluptuous  woman. 

Click here or read the first three chapter of the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament.  Maybe God has a message for you in the Bible, too.