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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Does the Bible Forbid Sex?

Does the Bible forbid sex?  No!  The Bible even endorses sex.  Then why is it such a taboo subject?  Because we don't listen.

God created human beings to reproduce, and that process includes sex.  The Bible is not terribly explicit in scientific matters, but suffice it to say that sex appears to be an efficient mechanism for producing the next generation.

But establishing the parents on a firm and sure footing is the first priority in God's order.  The man will leave his father and mother and join to the woman.  They will become one, that is, united in goals and love and attitude.  Although they are still individuals, they will be united (married). 

Children are a blessed event, but not first in God's order.  A child is not intended to be invited into a divided home.  A child needs both of the parents and a family is a unit.  Our society has turned that around.

We can have a little sex and see how we like each other.  If the sex is good, maybe, we can make a habit of it.  Oh, yeah, I'm gonna have a baby. 
Really?  I'm see you around.  Let me know if it's a boy.  Maybe I can send you some money.

Look how things change if the parents are in love and married first.  For nine months they prepare and spend time getting ready for the baby.  Two people are responsible for him.  Two people provide for his needs.  If one is sick the other can take over.  It is a really good plan.

It is really sad that people have taken God's excellent plan and abused it.  It reminds me that God's laws are immutable.  He doesn't tell us that living by his laws is the only way to live, but it is the way that works best.